Personal data and your rights

If you are a client of ours or visit our website, we process your personal data. Naturally, you have a say in how we use your personal data. Click here for more information about your rights as an individual.

Fair Capital Partners asset management – Our fees

The fee we charge for the management of your portfolio comprises our own asset management fee and an investment bank fee.

Asset management fees

  • We charge the following annual fees.

  • The management fee is based on the value of the assets under management at the end of each month. We charge this fee monthly.

  • The minimum fee is € 3,000 per year (excluding VAT).

  • If you have assets in excess of € 10 million, we would be happy to discuss the fee with you personally.

  • The agreed fee is part of our management agreement.

  • Fair Capital Partners asset management reserves the right to adjust the fees.

  • This fee covers:

  • Onboarding interview

  • Establishing a risk profile

  • Preparing an investment plan

  • Managing your assets

  • Liaising with you

  • Reporting on the policy implemented

What services does our fee cover?

Investment bank fees

We use the services of investment bank InsingerGilissen Bankiers N.V., part of KBL Private Banking Group. You pay them a fixed percentage of 0.175% of the assets under management for the purchase and sale of securities and securities administration.

For more information (and exceptions to the fixed percentage) please see InsingerGilissen Bankiers N.V.’s fee guide (PDF).

Examples of our costs

Click here to download examples of the costs charged by Fair Capital Partners Asset Management. The prices stated are in euros, as a percentage of the assets under management.

Fair Capital Partners manages assets in excess of € 250,000. Our asset managers would be happy to help.

Have your assets managed sustainably and personally