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Natural, real fruit ice creams

Foodproduction has many negative effects on the planet and our health. Products are sourced far away and often we do not even know the contents of our food.  Ice cream brand Nice was founded by Nina Kamp. She could not believe there was no natural fruit ice cream available to her young children. The ice cream shelf was dominated by products consisting mostly of powders and concentrates. This had to change.

~ The tastiest ice creams from the best ingredients ~


The tastiest ice creams

Therefore, Nice started making the tastiest ice creams from the best ingredients. All are 100% natural, with no other ingredients added. Nice’s strawberry ice cream consists of 70 percent strawberry; a Calippo strawberry contains 15 percent concentrated strawberry juice.

100% organic

Nice’s ice creams are 100 percent organic, making them better for the planet and biodiversity. The seasonal fruit comes from growers as close to home as possible, and therefore does not have to travel halfway around the world. Sustainability is fully ingrained. Even the packaging is as sustainable as possible and currently consists of paper packaging with an inner film as thin as possible.

NICE met kinderen

Nice ice creams are 100% organic, and therefore better for the planet and the biodiversity.