Local tea

This is: LocalTea

Tea from Dutch soil

The way we currently produce our food has large negative impact on the planet and our health. Products are sourced far away and often we don’t even know the content of our food. The goal is to create a food system that provides sufficient, good food, groen within the planetary boundaries. Responsible production. Local production. 100% natural and real ingredients. No junk. By producing tea locally, close to its’ customers, and in an artisanal way LocalTea strongly contributes to this.

~ Local production and natural ingredients ~

Local Tea

Transparent chain

LocalTea grows tea in unheated green houses. It is the only large-scale tea producer in Europe. By producing tea locally, LocalTea contributes to a better planet. Compared to tea coming ‘from afar’, a cup of LocalTea creates much less CO2 emissions and requires minimal water use. The company grows, produces and delivers the cup of tea.

The right parts of the tea plant

The flavour and nutrients of the tea plant are in the young buds. These do not normally reach the tea bags in the supermarket. Those fully-dilled teabags are filled with much more than just the buds of the plant and include older leaves, branches and even the stem. These have been put in a shredder to create as much tea as possible. LocalTea uses only the right parts of the tea plant to produce different varieties of good quality tea. Something that can not be missed when drinking a cup.

Local Tea

LocalTea offers home-grown tea being Europe's only large-scale tea producer.