This is: Lazy vegan

Ready-to-serve frozen meals

Lazy Vegan makes vegan ready meals packed with fresh vegetables. The meals are healthy, plant-based and save drastically on CO2 emissions.

Lazy Vegan Founders Bas Dijkstra and Vincent Bosgraaf use their extensive experience in the food and frozen food sector to make a positive impact. Lazy Vegan’s mission is to make vegan food easy, delicious and fun. The company creates frozen ready meals full of vegetables and based on a meat substitute made from peas. They are high in (pea) protein and free of soy, animal protein and gluten. Within 8 minutes, you will be vegan! Easy and quick.

~ Saving time, effort and CO2 emissions ~

Lazy Vegan

In the supermarket

Lazy Vegan meals are available at several supermarket chains in The Netherlands, such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Marqt and online supermarket Crisp. But also, in other countries, such as with Belgian Colruyt and UK’s Sainsbury’s.

Runners-up are the Tikka Masala and Thai Green Curry, but the Mexican Fiesta, Italian Risotto and Pasta Pesto are also popular with young and old. The team continues to innovate, so new flavours will appear in shops!


Impact of plant-based alternatives

The environmental impact of animal products is significant. According to the Dutch research organisation Milieu Centraal, production of a kilo of chicken meat emits 6.8 kilo of CO2, a kilo of pig meat 7.0 kilo of CO2 and a kilo of beef an average of 23.4 kilo of CO2. Lazy Vegan meals are the alternative to meals that would contain at least 100 grams of meat. The more Lazy Vegan meals are sold, the lower the meat consumption, reducing environmental damages!