Dit is: HeatTransformers

A big step towards sustainable heating

Natural gas has long been the energy source of choice to heat our homes and produce hot water. Meanwhile, everybody knows that burning natural gas leads to CO2 emissions that heat the planet. Stijn Otten and Gijs van Vrede saw that heating could be done differently and set up HeatTransformers in 2018. HeatTransformers simplifies the sales process for customers and installs (hybrid) heat pumps in Dutch households. This saves up to 70% on CO2 emissions and gas bills. Thus, the company contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from burning natural gas. Currently, the company cannot keep up with demand. Due to continuing high gas prices, many households are looking for options to reduce consumption. In addition, the government has announced that a hybrid heat pump will be mandatory in 2026.

~ 70% savings on the gas bill ~


A hybrid heat pump

A hybrid heat pump heats a house in a sustainable way. It is a combination of a gas-fired heater and an electric heat pump. The heat pump works like an inverted refrigerator. It heat a home with energy extracted from the outside air. The old gas heater still jumps in when outside temepartures are too low or when a lot of hot water is needed. This way of heating greatly reduces gas consumption – by upto 70 percent. Thus, hybrid heat pumps help meet climate goals and prevent further global warming.

Every heat pump helps

HeatTransformers is driving the energy transition of Dutch households. As Dutch homes emit almost 20 million tonnes of CO2 every year from burning gas. Of this, 75 to 80 percent is spent on heating. In reducing CO2 emissions heating cannot be ignored. Apart from home insulation, installation of a heat pump is one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, the investment repays quickly.

Each installation of a hybrid heat pump results in gas savings of 1,000 m3 per year. For an all-electric heat pump, this is even 1,750 m3. And every cubic metre of gas not burned results in a CO2 saving of 1.89 kilograms. Because a heat pump lasts 20 years, the savings accumulate all those years. With the numbers of heat pumps HeatTransformers expects to install, millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions will be prevented. And the great thing is that the bigger HeatTransformers gets, the more CO2 emmissions we prevent!


A hybrid heat pump heats a house in a sustainable way.