This is: 3DTI

The end of mass production

Mass production places a huge burden on the planet. Large-scale production, with expensive and complex production chains, requires new raw materials all the time and creates surpluses. Shipping parts, for example from Asia, has negative environmental impacts as well. But the argument for maintaining mass production is cost price. Producing locally and in small quantities is just too expensive. A new, disruptive solution is needed. And that is exactly what seasoned entrepreneurs Eduard Zanen and Janne Kyttanen offer with the solution of 3DTI. Coupled with the wealth of experience that managing director Carrie Howe brings in taking new innovations to market impact is waiting to be achieved.

~ a completely new, disruptive solution ~

3DTI duurzame productie van schoenen

A flexible, local production solution

3DTI (3D Thermoform Injection) is a flexible, local production solution that produces products with fewer raw materials, circulair, faster and with lower use of water and electricity than current (mass) production methods. This is achieved by printing moulds quickly and in any desired shape. These moulds are filled (‘injected’) with any desired cold liquid or gel. By injecting directly into the mould, 3DTI achieves speeds comparable to injection moulding of large batches. Moreover, 3DTI focuses on using all-natural and circular materials.


~ a footprint that is 50% lower ~

The importance of sustainable production

Current developments in the market, with rising raw material and transport prices, underline the importance of local and sustainable production. Solutions like 3DTI’s will play an important role in our changing world.


Across the board, 3DTI creates a footprint 50% lower than regular processes. This impact comes from:


  • Significantly lower energy use (65%)
  • Minimal residual products through on-demand production and re-use of materials
  • Facilitating circular products and materials
  • Time savings thanks to the digital solution
  • Significant cost savings in production of moulds

3DTI takes on the mass production challenge