For investors

How interesting is it to use your assets in contributing to the world of tomorrow. By giving young companies with a truly green mission the growth capital they need to create much more impact. With the Fair Capital Impact Fund, this is possible. With our fund we have two goals: investing in companies that demonstrably contribute to a sustainable and social world and realising a financial return for our participants.

Working within the natural boundaries of the planet

We aim to live on our planet treating it with respect. A world in which we do not cross the natural boundaries, but instead try to enrich the earth. By using resources carefully and only use what can be replenished. And also a world in which people treat each other fairly and everyone is given opportunities to participate fully.

Many young entrepreneurs see opportunities in creating this sustainable world. They start inspiring companies that contribute to it. Growth capital for the development and growth of their companies is hard to come by. While at the same time there are many people that would like to deploy their wealth, but cannot find these inspiring companies themselves. That is why we started the Fair Capital Impact Fund.

~ making wealth work for a better world~

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Connecting investors and entrpreneurs

The Fair Capital Impact Fund is an investment fund that works as a bridge between people who want to use their wealth in an entrepreneurial way to create a better world, and the young, sustainable entrepreneurs who proof that things can be done differently.

By using wealth in an inspiring way, we can together maximise environmental and social impact. And  entrepreneurs are offered the investment capital needed to develop their sustainable businesses.

~ participating in the fund is possible at any moment~

Investing together

Investors work together in the fund. Participating in the fund is possible at any moment. From that moment on, the investor joins in all new investments made by the fund until the commitment had been fully deployed.

With every sale of shares in a company, all investors involved share in the proceeds pro rata to their share in the initial investment . Thus, an investor’s commitment is invested gradually and potential proceeds are also released gradually. Until the moment when all investments in which an investor participates are sold and participation in the fund ends.



Proceeds fully go to investors - no bonuses for manager

As explained in the animation, each investment is assigned its own letter. Simple and immediately clear which investors participate in what investment for what stake. This is important when an investment is sold and the proceeds are divided among the investors involved.

As a team, we do our work out of passion and because we want to use our knowledge and skills meaningfully. But above all because we cannot imagine a more enjoyable job. We don’t need bonuses to motivate us. We therefore charge a fee for the work we do, but do not share in the proceeds of a sale of any investment. Those proceeds fully go to the investors in the fund.

Structure of the fund

Fair Capital Impact Fund is a closed-end mutual fund. Participants participate in the fund. Their investments are invested jointly. The fund manager decides in which companies to invest. The legal ownership of the assets, and thus also the equity stakes in the companies, is held by the Fair Capital Impact Fund Foundation. The board of the foundation is independent and acts in the interest of the participants in the fund. The participants are the beneficial owners of the assets, also when invested in companies.

The manager, Fair Capital Partners Impact Investing B.V. is registered with the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under the ‘light’ regime and is a manager exempt from supervision. Jasper Snoek and Daan Lam√©ris are the directors of the manager.

A ‘light’ manager (and the funds it manages) is not supervised under the Decree on Prudential Rules for Financial Undertakings and the Decree on Conduct of Business Supervision of Financial Undertakings under the Financial Supervision Act. This means, for example, that ‘light’ managers are not subject to the requirements imposed on managers by the Financial Supervision Act regarding, for example, the suitability and reliability of policymakers, reporting obligations to investors, controlled business operations, sound remuneration, adequate risk and liquidity management, outsourcing of activities and capital requirements. The manager and the fund are subject to supervision with regard to the Wwft/Sw, the SFDR and PRIIPs regulations.

Much more information

Of course, we have written down very precisely how the fund works, what detailed conditions apply, what rights you have as an investor, what opportunities you have and what risks you run by participating in the fund. This is laid down in the so-called Information Memorandum and Fund Terms and Conditions. We have also created a short document for quick comparison of our fund with other funds, the Essential Information Document or EID. We share these documents with investors interested in the fund. Because we think it is important that potential investors have a good understanding of what it means to participate in an investment fund like the Fair Capital Impact Fund. And we want to be sure that potential participants can carry the considerable risks and the long duration that come with the investment.