For entrepreneurs

The Fair Capital Impact Fund invests in companies with a truely green mission. Companies that make the world a better place. Such companies make a demonstrable positive contribution to a sustainable, social world, and could generate a financial return to our participants.

The natural limits of the earth

With the Fair Capital Impact Fund, we invest in companies whose activities and products add something to the health of the earth. Companies run by entrepreneurs who do not even consider crossing the boundaries of the planet. Who have an eye for fair treatment of people and offer them opportunities to participate fully.

Of course, these companies must also be healthy. Because ultimately it is simple: the greater the success of the companies we invest in, the greater the positive impact.

Natuurlijk moeten deze bedrijven ook gezond zijn. Want uiteindelijk is het simpel: hoe groter het succes van de ondernemingen waarin we investeren, hoe groter de positieve impact.

~ Doing business with respect for the earth~

Active in three areas

The companies we invest in are active in three areas where big changes are needed:

  • Climate change and renewable energy. We believe fossil fuels should just stay in the ground and the sun can provide us with all the energy we really need.
  • Fair and sustainable food. The earth is unable to sustain our current food system and is crying out for change.
  • Circular economy.Extracting, consuming and then throwing away raw materials just makes no sense. To keep using them over and over again requires deep changes to our economic system but is the only sensible option not to deplete the earth.


Our role

We do not invest in established companies, but rather in companies that still have great development potential. We help companies in the early stages of development to get started with venture capital. When a company is one step further and develops from start-up to scale-up, we invest (further) to enable growth. We take equity stakes in  companies or provide a convertible loan. We take minority stakes to keep the entrepreneur in charge.

~ We invest starting from 250,000 euros ~

From 250,000 euros

An initial investment by the fund ranges between €250,000 and €1 million. Subsequently, we could participate in several follow-on investment rounds to help the company develop further. We are patient and can support companies in their development for a longer period of time. Our fund has no end date, which allows us to find the optimal moment – for the company and our investors – to exit. With our years of experience, gained from over eighty previous investments, and our extensive network, we offer not only funding but also support where needed.

What are we looking for?

  • We invest in teams, in people. Inspiring entrepreneurs who truly want to contribute to a better world. Real entrepreneurs who can successfully build and grow a business.
  • We are looking for companies whose product or service addresses a clear problem with a solution that is in demand. The prototype or pilot phase is too early for us. A product or service has to be on the market. We want to be able to talk to customers and test the product or service ourselves.
  • We like inspiring brands that show customers that things can be done differently.
  • There has to be a solid and scalable business model, reasonable and well thought through rather than the so-called hockey sticks we see far too often.
  • We are convinced that diversity in teams is important: a team of women and men, diversity in cultural background and inclusion of people who may not get along everywhere but are just as valuable as others.
  • We look for Dutch companies, but are open to companies from other countries in Western Europe. Close enough to visit regularly or when needed.