How we work

At Fair Capital Partners asset management you will have a dedicated contact who will help you achieve your asset-related goals. Read more about our approach here.

1. Identifying your wishes and possibilities

  • We will address the following during a personal meeting:

  • Meaning: What could investing mean for you? Freedom, for example, or a change, your pension, or for your children?

  • Investment goal: What are you looking to achieve with your money (investment goal) and within which time frame (investment horizon)?

  • Knowledge and experience: How familiar are you with the risks of investing?

  • Risk appetite: What level of financial risk are you able and willing to take?

If you’ve planned a meeting with an asset manager, make sure you prepare thoroughly and ask the right questions. This will give you a good idea of the asset manager’s services. The following Q&As will help you prepare for your meeting:

Fair Capital Partners asset management: Our investment policy

  • Thorough preparation gives you and Fair Capital Partners asset management insight into your wishes and expectations, enabling us to work with you to determine which risk profile is most appropriate.
  • It’s important that you get an accurate picture of our (sustainable) investment policy. This will make it easier for you to decide whether our policy is a good match for you. And you’ll find out whether Fair Capital Partners asset management will invest your assets in line with your wishes.
  • We will inform you in detail about the investment management fees for the services provided by us.
We will establish your risk profile based on the wishes and possibilities we have identified. The risk profile determines the distribution of your investments across the three asset classes (equities, bonds and liquid assets). Every year, we will review whether your risk profile still matches your financial situation, investment goals, investment horizon and risk appetite.

2. Establishing a risk profile

3. Drawing up an investment plan

We will send you a proposal for an investment plan that matches your risk profile and talk you through the investment plan. There will be ample opportunity to inform us whether you agree with this plan. We will then set down in writing what we have agreed with you. The investment plan is a proposal for the composition of your portfolio, specifying the allocation across equities, bonds and liquid assets. Every asset class in the portfolio has a certain bandwidth. We use these bandwidths as a tool to manage the risks associated with investing.
  • We will build your investment portfolio based on your investment plan. Your asset manager will take care of your investments and keep tabs on the portfolio in order to monitor the asset mix and risks and to seize investment opportunities.

    At Fair Capital Partners asset management we select your investments based on our sustainability criteria. You will therefore invest in:

  • equities of forward-looking companies – companies that have a well-considered strategy and are better equipped for the future. They operate responsibly and sustainably and lead the way with sustainable innovations. They also comply with regulations relating to the environment, human rights and governance. These companies are at less risk of committing offences such as environmental damage, involvement in weapons, poor working conditions or child labour. This, in turn, reduces the risk that their share prices will be negatively impacted.

  • government bonds of countries with the best social and environmental performance and a good reputation when it comes to their ability to repay.

4. Managing your assets

5. Contact and reports

You will receive a written report every quarter outlining the performance of your investments, and at least once a year your contact will meet you personally to talk you through the composition and results of your investment portfolio. In addition, we will assess annually whether your risk profile is still in line with your wishes and risk appetite. Please note that it is important that you alert us immediately if there are anything changes in your personal situation (such as marriage or divorce) that may have an impact on your risk profile.

Contact with
Fair Capital Partners asset management

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us in person, feel free to give us a call at + 31 294-745300. Or send an email to We would be happy to help.