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There’s an urgent need to fundamentally change the economy across the globe. The depletion of natural resources is exhausting the planet. At the same time, carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases are causing climate change. Many of the world’s people cannot take part in the much-needed transition to a more sustainable economy. Elsewhere, climate change has rendered it impossible for people to sustain a livelihood, forcing them to migrate. To improve this situation, and to prevent things from getting worse, it’s vital that we create a sustainable, circular economy as soon as possible.

Two ways to invest sustainably:

The role investors play

Money plays a crucial role in our society. By investing assets based on sustainable criteria, we stimulate the creation of a sustainable, circular economy. Public support is growing, also in business. The corporate world is urging politicians to set the parameters for a sustainable economy. But given the lack of political clout so far, business has embarked on its own sustainability journey, offering opportunities for sustainable investors.

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